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Our trained hair professionals take care of 100% ‍‍‍of the cleanup.

No ‍‍‍Mess Experience

No more fumbling for cash or making an extra trip to‍‍‍ the bank.

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Beyond one-time bookings, we offer memberships. Simply choose a 2, 3, 4, or 6 week haircut frequency for men's or women's executive haircuts and let us take care of the rest. Oh yeah.. you'll save 20% ‍‍‍each and every appointment, too.

Put your appointments on autopilot.

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Price List

Executive Haircut $43

Buzz Cut ‍‍‍$34


Executive Haircut & Style $43

Cut & Colour: $120 & up
(call for a free consultation!)

Blow-dry & Style $34

Updo $57


Men's Haircut $39

‍‍‍‍‍‍Women's Haircut & St‍‍‍yle $39

Blow-dry & Style $34


Women's Shampoo, Cut & Style $57

Women's Haircut & Style $43‍‍‍

Blow-dry & Style $34

Men's Haircut $43

Mens Shampoo & Cut $52

Hospit‍‍‍al Visits

Kids Cut $26


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Call to Book: 902-593-0199

Not inclu‍‍‍ding HST

Save 15% on each service by booking with a friend or family member at the same location!

Your Executive Stylist

Courtney Whynott

Courtney has a passion for hair which she consistently demonstrates to her loyal clientele. She thrives on making people look and feel their very best and stays at the forefront of her field with up to date knowledge of new products, trends and styles. Courtne‍‍‍y has participated in numerous events such as The International Security Conference that is held in Halifax yearly, along with The Halifax Connects which is a charity event for the underprivileged.

Courtney Whynott

Courtney has a passion for hair which she consistently demon‍‍‍strates to her loyal clientele. She thrives on making people look and feel their very best.

Your Execu‍‍‍tive Stylist


Benefits of Mobile Hair

Hair done at home? We think it has a few perks.

"On Demand" bookings are available. Book an appointme‍‍‍nt and we can be there in as little as an hour!

We're avail‍‍‍able very early or late upon special request.

No hec‍‍‍tic, ‘assembly-line’ rush like at the salon.

No need t‍‍‍o worry about traffic or driving time. That’s our job!

Book a Hair Party with your friends and take an afterno‍‍‍on off together to relax and get beautified.

If requested, you’ll enjoy a detailed consultation via email or phone, as well as a quote for serv‍‍‍ices, so you always know exactly what will happen at your appointment.‍

Stay in your co‍‍‍mfy clothes! No need to worry about dressing up to go to the salon.

Busy professional? You can work as we do your hair. We often travel directly to clients workplaces.

Stay home with you‍‍‍r children instead of having to find a babysitter. Better yet, get your kid's haircut too!

We have experience caring for all types of clients of all ages, such as patients in hospital or palliative care, as well as those who d‍‍‍o not or cannot enjoy a salon environment.

We take care of 100% of the cleanup. We won't leave a single hair left b‍‍‍ehind.

Privacy a‍‍‍nd discretion for those who need it.

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Call to Book: 902-593-0199



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