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As a top employer, we're always looking for ways to provide unique services to our employees and Cribcut has delivered! Both convenient and reliable, and with an excellent price point, our employees have benefited from Cribcut’s onsite services. The friendly and experienced staff consistently do a great job with cuts and trims and have garnered a dedicated clientele. Setup and cleanup are handled independently and professionally. In fact, I would say Cribcut lives up to its motto, “No Hair Left Behind.”

— Marsha White
‍‍‍ Senior HR Consultant, NTT DATA Canada, Inc.‍‍‍



Haircuts as an Employee Perk

We've had Cribcut come into our office regularly for the past 8 months, and our staff love the convenience of getting their haircut at work! All of their stylists are extremely friendly, and they come in and set up with no effort from me or my colleagues. Our staff really enjoy the value Cribcut offers them, and coupled with the convenience of using the service at work, it allows them to have more time for the important things! I would highly recommend Cribcut.

— Jenn Zamora
Receptionist‍‍‍ & Healthy Workplace Coordinator at Admi‍‍‍ral Insurance


How it works/FAQ

1. What services do you offer corporations?

With our "Haircuts as a Perk" program we provide one-time or recurring visits to your office, providing a range of haircut services for ‍‍‍your staff and organizations members. ‍‍‍

3. Do you provide both men's and women's services?

Yes, we provide a range of services including cuts and styling. We'll provide a full services sheet with pricing after our initial consultation.

7. What does the organization need to provide to make this work?

Our program is very hands off for organizations. After an initial discussion around‍‍‍ a trial period and best times and dates for your staff, all we'll need is the following:

  • Access to a small room with a table, chair, and electrical outlet.
  • An email sent to employees introducing Cribcut and prior to each of our visits (email templates provided)
  • Other promotional activitiy by the corporation might include: flyers on bulletin boards (provided by Cribcut), mentions of Cribcut in team meetings, etc.

2. What are the benefits of providing this program t‍‍‍o your staff?

  • Shareable moment for employees
  • Promotion of a stronger employee work/life balance
  • Time-saver: staff eliminate the travel and waiting at traditional barber shops/salons
  • Unique perk to mention when hiring
  • Increased employee happiness & efficiency
  • Extremely low maintenance perk. Cribcut takes care of everything

5. Who pays for the haircuts?

We provide several options for payment, including:

1. Company pays the entire cost of haircuts

2. Company pays for a portion of each ‍‍‍haircut

3. Staff member pays for entire cost of haircut (most popular)

By simply using our haircut as a perk program your staff will receive significant discounts on services. We'll work with you to decide which is the best payment system for your organization.

4. How does booking work?

We ‍‍‍provide each organization with a custom booking website. Staff can book appointments directly on the site, or they can "walk-in" on the day of appointments. We accept credit card online and both credit card and in-cash in person.

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6. How does cleanup work?
We provide our own ha‍‍‍nd held vacuum and guarantee full cleanup each visit.

Some of our partners includ‍‍‍e...‍‍‍



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